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Introducing the next addition to our line of AR pattern grips, the CQG-NB Grip. The CQG-NB (No-Beavertail) has all of the geometry users have loved in the CQG for 4 years now, specifically designed to enhance ergonomics and performance of compact sized short-barreled rifles, AR15 pistols, pistol caliber carbines, and PDWs , with the only difference being the removal of the “beavertail” in the thumb web area, to get closer to the A2 feel that some users prefer.

The CQG-NB Grip will launch in all of our colors the CQG has been shipping in, Black,  Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Field Drab (Fed. Std. 30118), Mid-Grey, and OD Green.

The CQG-NB supports a wide range of hand sizes and weapon configurations, featuring a more pronounced vertical grip angle, anti-slip front and rear texture; the CQG encourages the shooter’s hand to be positioned higher on the grip, for greater control and improved comfort.

  • Fits AR15/AR10/SR25/MCX/FN SCAR 16 and 17 Pattern Hosts
  • Toughened and Reinforced Nylon
  • 76 grams