The Reptilia Story

Reptilia is an American design and manufacturing company founded with the mission of developing product solutions for those fighting for our freedom, giving them our best, while they fight the good fight.

"A lot can be said for those who come up with ideas, but ideas are the easy part. The critical difference is how ideas are realized."

Eric Burt, one of the industry’s most respected and sought after industrial designers, has spent more than a decade working for the most innovative and respected companies in the firearms and tactical industries. He has been integral in the development of some of the industries most notable products, including the Masada rifle (which came to market as the Bushmaster ACR), the Magpul PMAG line (now the most popular M4/AR15/M16 magazine in the world), and the 300 AAC BLACKOUT cartridge (one of the most popular AR calibres today). Burt’s design methodology emphasizes end user input and the study of capability gaps to develop solutions that benefit not only the original users, but the industry as a whole.

Early in his career, Burt gained a reputation for being one of the brightest and most promising new designers in the industry and was often called upon to develop simple solutions to complex problems. In response to a request from the Navy to replace the iconic, yet antiquated, MP5-SD, Burt and his team introduced the LVAW (Low Visibility Assault Weapon), better known by its nickname “Honey Badger.” He was later tasked with developing a shotgun breaching system for use by U.S. Military and Law Enforcement agencies. The platform, now known as the SIX12, quickly became the talk of the industry and was awarded “Best of Show” in its introductory year at the 2014 SHOT Show.

With his extensive knowledge of the industry, unparalleled talent for design and innovation, and many years of bringing products to market with other leading companies, Burt decided it was time to launch under his own banner. Reptilia was created out of a desire to design products that not only function as required, but also improve and refine usability. In a world where evolution is critical for survival, Reptilia seeks to innovate and provide premium solutions to end users, ranging from simple design tweaks to grander-scale innovations.

In a world that is ever-changing, Reptilia aims to always deliver superior solutions for the constantly evolving needs of our customers